About Us

New Generation Farming

Gold Star Fruit Company is owned and operated by Balraj Gill’s family. Balraj’s family moved to the Okanagan Valley in 1989 and purchased the orchard they originally lived on. After that, the business bloomed.

Our Goal

Our goal at Gold Star Fruit Company is to grow the best fruit and only ship our customers what we want to provide for our own family.

Gold Star Fruit Company Ltd.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Family-owned Business
  • Attention-to-detail
  • High-quality Products

Our orchards span from Southern Okanagan to Northern Okanagan, making our world-famous cherries available for the full Canadian season.

Our Core Business Values

Our team at Gold Star Fruit Company operates with utmost honesty and integrity. As a family business, we understand the needs of the average Canadian family and their desire to feed their families with only the best quality produce possible. Therefore, we abide by our ethical policies at all times.

Gold Star Fruit Company Ltd.