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Canadian Cherries

Our Canadian grown cherries contain exceptional Brix (sugar) levels and are shipped to markets all over Canada and the globe. They are packed on our state-of-the-art line and graded electronically for size, firmness, color, and defects.

Gold Star Fruit Company Ltd.
Gold Star Fruit Company Ltd.

Rainer Yellow Cherries

Some consider it a desert fruit due to its sugary and sweet taste. These Cherries are grown in limited quantity throughout BC and are a scarce find throughout the season at most supermarkets.

Freestone Peaches

Nothing tastes quite as good as a ripe Okanagan peach. Our peaches are freestone and handpicked to ensure only the perfectly ripe ones are selected for your fresh eating or canning needs.

Gold Star Fruit Company Ltd.
Gold Star Fruit Company Ltd.


Not only are our nectarines a source of pride and joy, but they also are a huge crowd favorite for every type of taste bud in your family.


We’re not one to brag, but our Apples are simply the best you’ve ever had. There sweet, crisp, and delicious. Fill all of your salads, sauces, or as a snack, and you’ll see just what we’re talking about.

Gold Star Fruit Company Ltd.

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